The iHybrid is a novel methodology that combines a gaze-contingent window with an ambiguous hybrid stimulus. A hybrid stimulus comprises two different stimuli, each represented in different spatial frequency (SF) bands spanning the full SF spectrum38. To this, we added the “i”, a gaze-contingent window that forces foveated information to be full spectrum and local, leaving the global information outside the gaze-contingent window.

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The iHybrid teases apart information accrued locally, over multiple fixations, from information acquired globally, possibly in a single fixation, but outside the local foveated window. By using this technique we have shown that the face system is not rooted in a single, or even preferred information gathering strategy for face identification.


Miellet, S., Caldara, R., & Schyns, P. (2011). Local Jekyll and global Hyde: The dual identity of face identification. Psychological Science, 22(12), 1518-1126 [PDF], Supporting Movie, Supporting Figure 1, Supporting Figure 2