Former Ph.D. Students

Simon Borgognon (2016-2020)
Neural population dynamics in premotor, motor and somatatosensory cortices during locomotion in primates
Thesis (pdf)

Michela Fregosi (2013-2017)
Quantification of the corticobulbar and corticotectal projections before and after lesions or pathology affecting the central nervous system in non-human primates
Thesis (pdf)

Julie Savidan (2009-2015)
Motor system lesions in non-human primates:evidences for large scale plasticity and the challenge of treatments.
Thesis (pdf)

Simon Badoud (2011-2015)
Functional and structural neuroimaging in Parkinson’s disease and assessment of the therapeutic potential of autologous neural cells ecosystem (ANCE) transplantation in a MPTP nonhuman primate model: a multidisciplinary study.
Thesis (pdf)

Anne-Dominique Gindrat (2010-2015)
A window into the plasticity of the sensorimotor system in adult primates using EEG: insights from lesion, repeated stimulation and touchscreen use
Thesis (pdf)

Florian Lanz (2007-2013)
Multisensory integration in non-human primates and humans
Thesis (pdf)

Adjia Hamadjida (2008-2012)
Mécanisme de récupération fonctionnelle suite à une lésion unilatérale du cortex moteur primaire chez le macaque:connexions et réorganisation des aires corticales
Thesis (pdf)

Marie-Laure Beaud (2007-2011)
Anatomical organisation and functional recovery in spinal injured non-human primates treated with either an antibody against Nogo-A or a combination of this antibody with brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF)
Thesis (pdf)

Mélanie Kaeser (2004-2010)
Transplantation of autologous adult brain progenitor cells in a non-human primate model of motor cortex lesion
Thesis (pdf)

Patrick Freund (2005-2008)
Anti-Nogo-A antibody treatment enhances functional recovery and sprouting of the corticospinal tract after spinal cord injury in adult primates
Thesis (pdf)

Alexandre Wyss (2002-2007)
Lesion of motor cortex in adult non-human primates: post-lesional plasticity and mechanisms of behavioral recovery
Thesis (pdf)

Céline Cappe (2003-2007)
Intégration multisensorielle et motrice chez le primate non humain : approches anatomique, comportementale et électrophysiologique
Thesis (pdf)

Kaspar Meyer (2003-2005)
Neural adaptation in the auditory nerve and the anteroventral cochlear nucleus of the rat in response to repetitive acoustic stimuli.
Thesis (pdf)

Eric Schmidlin (2000-2004)
Progressive plastic changes in the hand representation of the primary motor cortex parallel incomplete recovery from a unilateral section of the corticospinal tract at cervical level in monkeys.

Caroline Durif (1999-2003)
Single unit responses in the auditory cortex of monkeys performing a conditional acoustico-motor task.

Anne-Valérie Jacomme (1999-2004)
The projection from auditory cortex to cochlear nucleus in guinea pigs: an in vivo anatomical and in vitro electrophysiological study.
Thesis (pdf)

Belcacem Bensaber
IMPLANT COCHLEAIRE: Préparation et expérimentation sur un modèle animal le rat. Développement d'une nouvelle conception d'implantation.

Donatella Carreta (1997-1998)
Preferential induction of fos-like immunoreactivity in granule cells of the cochlear nucleus by acoustic stimulation in behaving rats.

Christophe Jouffrais (1996-2000)
Neuronal activity related to eye-hand coordination in the primate premotor cortex.

Y. Liu (1995-1998)
Mechanisms of recovery of dexterity following unilateral lesion of the sensorimotor cortex in adult monkeys.

J.S. Zhang (1993-1997)
Electrically induced fos-like immunoreactivity in the auditory pathway of the rat: effects of survival time, duration, and intensity of stimulation. 

André Haenggeli(1996-1997)
Electrically evoked compound action potential (ECAP) of the cochlear nerve in response to pulsatile electrical stimulation of the cochlea in the rat: effects of stimulation at high rates.

Xiao Hong Yu (1994-1996)
Dexterity in adult monkeys following early lesion of the motor cortical hand area: the role of cortex adjacent to the lesion.