Our work aims at exploring the individual roles of transport proteins driving the fascinating polar, cell-to-cell movement (PAT) of the plant signaling compound, auxin (IAA, red ribbon).

We have been focusing over the years mainly on the characterization of ABCB/PGP-type auxin transporters, on their individual mode of regulation, on their functional interaction with PIN-type exporters and on their impact on auxin-mediated plant physiology.

However, our special interest lies in the physical and functional interaction between the auxin exporter, ABCB1/PGP1, and its regulatory chaperon, the FKBP42, TWISTED DWARF1 (TWD1).

By combining biochemical, genetic and bio-informatics tools, we are currently trying to elucidate:

- the mechanism of ABCB chaperoning by TWD1    more

- the mode of drug modulation of individual transporter activities    more

- the structural aspects of substrate specificity    more

- the impact of ABCB phosphorylation by AGC kinases    more

- the role of TWD1-cytoskeleton interaction   more

- transporters catalyzing movements of other plant hormones  more

- the role of ABCG/PDR transporters in root-pathogen interaction  soon

- the role of HSP90s in auxin transport  soon

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Functional interactions of auxin transport complexes

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