Elía Saini

PhD student of Mathematics


Department of Mathematics
University of Fribourg
Chemin du Musée, 23
CH - 1700 Fribourg

Phone: 0041 (0)26 300 9206
Mail: elia.saini(at)
Skype: esaini582


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I am a PhD student of Mathematics, supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation SNSF-project nr. PP00P2_150552/1.

I work at the University of Fribourg (CH). My supervisor is SNSF-Professor Emanuele Delucchi.

My research interests are combinatorics, algebra, and topology.

Click here for a list of my papers and click at this link for a list of my talks and the conferences I attended.



I am a teaching assistant of Combinatorial Methods in Topology. The main lectures are given by SNSF-Professor Emanuele Delucchi.

The exercise series are available at this link.

Here is a list of my past teaching activities. Look here for more teaching material.



I participate at the seminar of combinatoric with SNSF-Professor Emanuele Delucchi and the other memebers of my research group.

I take part at the educational seminar Mathematikon with other PhD students of my department. Here is a list of my past talks.



The page of my research group in Fribourg.

Other links of interest with detailed teaching material available.