Ales Janka

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Université de Fribourg (Switzerland), Math
assistant-docteur, chargé de cours
EPFL Lausanne (Switzerland), IACS - ASN
Post-Doc: Fast iterative solvers for problems of aluminium production (incompressible flows, ferromagnetism)
INRIA Sophia Antipolis (France), OPALE
Post-Doc (14 months): Shape optimisation of 3D aerodynamic bodies in supersonic and transonic regimes,
INRIA Sophia Antipolis (France), SMASH
Post-Doc (10 months): Automated coarsening of 3D anisotropic (boundary-layer) meshes for geometric multigrid,
INRIA Sophia Antipolis (France), SINUS
PhD in Applied Mathematics,
defended on March 1, 2002
Multigrid methods for compressible fluids
University of Pilsen, (Czech Republic)
Five-year master's degree in engineering
Faculty of Applied Science, Numerical Maths
Schwarz overlapping domain decomposition with coarse-space appropriate for linear elasticity
Hull University, (Great Britain)
TEMPUS exchange programme (6 months)

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